1994 Condors

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Blacher, Todd
Buchi, Mike Booch
Crews, Andy The Boss
Dada, Win
Dugan, Steve Bum-Kin, Doogie Co-captain
Guilfoyle, Bob Co-captain
Headley, Garrett G-Force
Heyl, Chris Pads
Keough, John Keo
Mallon, Jim Co-captain
Namkung, Mike Legend
Nelson, Garthe The 1% 'er
Seidler, Jason
Trindade, John Cones
Waller, Eric
Wechsler, Karl

Individual Tourney Players:
Babcock, Ken
Croft, Mike Diaper Boy injured
Goddard, Aaron A-Dog
Shelton, John Shelty
Shubert, Dave Scooby

1994 Labor Day Tournament
Santa Cruz, CA
(by Steve Dugan)

In pool play we played Monterey and beat them handily (no score). We beat Stanford College 13-4. Then we played Double Happiness. It was a tight game (windy) on the upper fields. We had the disc to win. We were using the spread offense. Cones had the disc and threw a flick straight up field to Jim Mallon. It rose and Mallon barely touched the bottom of the disc, turnover. They scored to win 9-8. We then played Phoenix and beat them 11-5, played Hall of Justice (from the east bay) and beat them 13-11. In the quarters we played US Tampico Special and beat them in a battle 15-14. We matched against Rhino in the semis and they killed us 15-5. That was the first year of Swoop and Pummel!

1994 Regionals
Santa Fe, NM
(by Steve Dugan)

We won our pool the first day. Played a combined team in the quarters and barely beat them. We then played San Diego Nice Guys on the Field in the semis. It was a close game. We had the lead early but gave it away midway, and they beat us by 2 or 3. That year only one team qualified for Nationals out of our region.

One interesting note about the year is that some of the young guys wanted to change the name. I even flirted with the idea (I had no concept of the history of the Condors at the time.) Anyway, Keo found these cool shirts at the natural history museum that outlined the Condor Recovery Program. We used those as our light jerseys for the year. On my disc I have written "Condor Recovery Team."

The best story of 1994 is that we combined with the L.A. boys to form this "dominant" team, and it all collapsed. The L.A. faction dropped out to form their own team, and they got crushed at Regionals. We came in third at Regionals, but that year only one team, Boulder, went to Nationals.
John Shelton

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