1992 Condors

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1992 Roster:
Babcock, Ken
Buchi, Mike 'Booch'
Dugan, Steve 'Bum-kin'
Farmer, Chris
Guilfoyle, Bob
Headley, Garrett 'G-Force'
Higgins, Jay 'Jack'
Keough, John 'Keo'
Licata, Mark
Lobue Jr., J.D. 'The Cheetah'
Mallon, Jimmy 'Hornet'
Martz, Rick 'Ricky Dude'
Nelson, Garthe 'The 1% 'er'
Owen, Matt 'Scrappy'
Wechsler, Karl

Who am I missing?


 1992 Regionals
Fort Collins, CO
(by Steve Dugan)

This was the last year the Western region was combined. I don't remember Saturday of Regionals; I think we won our pool. On Sunday we played Bombay (from the Eastbay) in the quarterfinals. It was a battle. It went back and forth until they got to game point. Boochie made an incredible skying block where he barely got his pinky finger on the disc to re-direct it out of bounds. We scored twice to win the game by one point. In the semis we played East Bay. They crushed us 15-7 or something to that effect. We then had to play Southbay in the back door and got killed again.

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