1991 Condors

(photo from Worlds) 

Mike Buchi / Ingmar Axelson / John Keough / Mark Stencil / Karl Wechsler / Bob Guilfoyle / Garthe Nelson / John 'Cones' Trindade / David 'Buzz' Ellsworth / Rick Martz / Mark Licata

Front row:
Jay Higgins / Jim Mallon / Garrett Headley / Vic Matthews / Daniel Schradermeier / Jared Tausig

(Note: The Condors came in 6th at Worlds.)

1991 Sectionals
Santa Barbara, CA
(by Steve Dugan)

I remember playing San Diego. We played LA Iguanas in the finals and beat them in a good game. Something like 17-13. Interesting thing about that year was the new offense - The Spread. It involved lining two players on each sideline, one deep and one shallow thus opening the middle of the field for the three handlers to work short cuts. We had a calling system where the 4 sideline positions were numbered 1-4, and we called green for an away cut and red for a comeback cut. An example call would be 2 red, 3 green. The 2 guy coming in to get the disc and firing a deep shot to the 3 guy. Mainly designed by JK.

1991 Regionals
Stanford, CA
(by Steve Dugan)

We went to Regionals at Stanford (Oct 19 & 20) and were seeded #1 going in. I forget the teams we played on Saturday, but we crushed everyone. Doug brought this wooden carved Condor that he made a PVC pipe stand for and we gathered around it before each game. It stood about 6' 6" tall. On Sunday of Regionals we played Seattle Sockeye in the quarters. They went up 6-0 on us. We couldn't recover and lost 13-11. Then we played Rhino in the first back door game, and they smoked us like 13-5. That was the end of our season. The team had gone to Calgary for Worlds that Summer; I did not attend.

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