1980 Condors
National Semifinalist

(photo from World Flying Disc Championships at Santa Cruz)

 Back Row (standing):
Greg Sharp / Brian Humphrey / Dana Lewis / Tom Lewis / Cliff Marhoefer / Irv Kalb / Kip Harmer / Larry Leveille / Mary McDonald / Andy Hodgeson (v-sign) / Curtis Weeks (beard) / TK / John Schmechel / Craig Carlisle / Steve Rieck / Steve Fisher / Chris Taylor

Front Row (kneeling);
Brian O'Donnell / Michael Mininni / John Olcott / Doug Saulter / Bart Merrill / Paul Hooston

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1980 Roster:
Carlisle, Craig
Clark, Bill
Fisher, Steve
Harmer, Kip (Kipper)
Hooston, Paul
Humphrey, Brian
Kalb, Irv (Dr. I)
Kennedy, Tom (TK) [captain]
Leveille, Larry [asst. coach]
Lewis, Tom
Marhoefer, Cliff
Merrill, Bart
Mininni, Michael (Meanie)
O'Donnell, Brian (B.O.D.)
Olcott, Johnny (Sky)
Rieck, Steve (Leak) - did not attend Nationals due to back injury at WFDC
Saulter, Doug (the Bum)
Schmechel, John
Sharp, Greg (Greggo)
Tabor, Dave
Taylor, Chris [coach]
Vaughan, Chris
Weeks, Curtis (von Weeks)

1980 Non-Traveling Players:
Austin, Bob
Broughton, Michael (Snuffy)
Harrington, Dan (the Bum)
Hodgeson, Andy
Rosen, Adam
Soto, Jeff
Stringer, Marcus

"The comment that I will never forget from one of the 'vets' when we were at practice in the 1980 season was "you are practicing with the best in the world." Little did I know that he was right. Every practice was at such a high level of competitive play that you knew nothing else. When it came tournament time, we totally dominated until we got to the national level."

Tom 'Tommy' Lewis

"The funniest incident I ever saw Johnny 'Sky' Olcott involved in was when he stalled out Jersey Joe (of the Circus) (when the stall count was 15) & then Jersey stalled him right back & then Johnny blocked his throw."

"One of the greatest plays Johnny ever made was on one of the worst throws I ever made (& I had many). I hucked up a 50 yard swill pass that was hanging up about 10'. Johnny came up from the side of, and behind, Danny Weiss (Circus) & jumped up over him, reached behind him, catching the disc as Danny whiffed at it. The funniest part of the whole thing was that Johnny thought it was a great pass & everyone on the team wanted to kill me until he caught it."

Bart Merrill

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