1976 Condors

Note: 1976 was the first year the team played against another team,
and they changed their name from the Santa Barbara Disc Connection to the Condors.

1976 Roster:
Campbell, Hal
Fletcher, Chris (Jon's brother)
Gasten, Ken
Harmer, Kip
Horne, Jeff
Hooston, Paul
Hughes, Jerry
Kennedy, Tom 'TK' [Captain]
Leveille, Larry
Lowe, Steve
Luna, Tony
Merrill, Bart
Myers, Kit
Mininni, Michael 'Meanie'
Richards, Chaud
Rieck, Steve 'Leak'
Schmechel, John
Sharp, Greg 'Greggo'
Shepherd, Tom 'T. Shep'
Towne, Cliff

Bob Herrick w/ disc. --------------------------- Adam & Hal Campbell
--------------------------------------------------- at 1999 College Nationals

Receipt for use of lights

"The first time I saw the Condors was I believe '76. I played with the Los Angeles Frisbee Club, and we had a meet with the Condors. It was different events, like distance, accuracy, most time aloft, guts, and ultimate. We had three players from the past ultimate champs, Rutgers. LA won every event up to the ultimate game. We played ultimate with the Condors disc of choice, the 141g. The Condors crushed us, and we were a pretty good team. In '77 the Condors beat us in the western regional (we were now called Foothill) by one goal I think. The Condors went on to annihilate Penn State in the nationals. I hope I have all my years straight."
Tom Cleworth

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