1987 Condors

Nationals Attendee

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July 4th Classic (Boulder, CO)
[photo compliments of Scott 'Geek' Erickson]

Back Row:
Jeff Woods / Ted 'Teddy' Roach / Chris Phillips / Andy 'Pilaf' Petroff / Vince Bertsch / Tim 'Timba' O'Donnell / Mark Stencel / Jared 'J-Rad' Tausig / Aengus Wagner / Rick 'the Dude' Martz

Front Row:
Dave 'Davey' Niles / Neil 'the Wheel' Kirsch / Mike 'Whack-Em' Butler / Scott 'Geek' Erickson / Pat 'Hack-Em' Butler / Marty Crowe / Cliff 'Hooter' Marhoefer / Scott 'Scooter' Hampton

And don't forget Halley (Scooter's dog):

Halley, a German shephard-labrador mix (born and named after the comet in 1986), was a fixture at every tournament. He was always a hit (and icebreaker) with all the women's teams. At one time we estimated that Halley had been to about 30 of the 50 United States, as well as Canada, because of Ultimate. Halley, the best dog ever, passed away in 1998 after a bout with cancer.

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1987 July Fourth Classic - Boulder, CO
Condors Won the National Level Tournament - Defeated St. Louis Tunas in finals.

They called me Mikey B. or Butthead. I remember early in the Boulder finals against the Tunas getting a bap on their goal line after having my back to the disc on the Tunas goal line after Mark and Jack of the Tunas just did a fast break give-n-go down the field. After the block I just took off down field and Marty Crowe threw up a wounded duck (Marty was not known for his side-arm) to me in the end zone that I caught w/ a guy draped on my back. It helped to raise our intensity which never let up. I also remember what a great job the three captains (Ricky Martz, Ted Roach & Tim 'Timba' O'Donnell) of the group did in subbing the 24 or so players, except me of course, I never got enough PT!

Mike 'Mikey/Butthead' Butler (86-87)
(Oct. 1999)

Two other shirts I located recently were the 1986 Worlds (Condor) shirt and the "Cosmic Chuck" Condors team that played in the Winter Crystal tournament in Boulder, Colorado in, I believe, 1987. We won the tournament. A great handblock by Marty Crowe at the end of the game, set up the winning score from Aengus Wagner to Keay Nakae, to defeat the Tunas. Other teammates I remember from that tournament were Neil Kirsch, Ted Roach, Timba O'Donnell, Eric Elliott and Andy Malone.

That was a crazy and memorable tournament. I remember that Neil "the Wheel" Kirsch and I rented a Chevy Nova in Goleta, and drove 19 hours straight, non-stop except for gasoline, alternating driving and sleeping between us, to Boulder. I remember driving through Nevada and watching the beautiful sun rise to the east as we neared Colorado. The minute we pulled up in the parking lot, around 10 a.m., the first game of the tournament was starting and the Condor team did not have enough players for a team (as everyone had not yet arrived). Neil and I ran from the car, with no cleats, no stretching, etc. and played the first game barefoot so the team would not have to forfeit. I remember being incredibly stiff from the 19 hours in the little car, with little or no restful sleep, and winning that first game to the laughing, cheers and jeers of the other teammates.

Upon returning back to Goleta, after only the weekend, I remember returning the car and the rental agent figuring and re-figuring the return mileage. He was bewildered. He could not believe the miles we put on the car (over 2500 miles) in just the weekend. (We expressly rented an "unlimited mileage" car for the weekend. The best $29.95 I think I've ever spent).

Scott 'Scooter' Hampton (86-87)
(Feb. 2001)

The Condors team played under the name "Cosmic Chuck" at the April Fools tournament at Stanford in 1987. We played in the finals against Chabot, a bay area team. We did win the tournament, and the shirts we made were pretty cool.

Keay Nakae (81-87&95)
(Feb. 2001)

It was one of the larger wins and historians await the truth that JK and Bobo left before finals with well, ducks full :)

The Boulder tourney always offered a possible tourney "experiment rule." In 1987, during a timeout, we could sub-out two people! Hot O and D Phil Jackson like moves! So, Mikey's comment about subs (in his email above) was significant; and like Timba I hate to agree with Butt, but he was involved in a typical 'spark-plug play' and this time it fired. One D-play for the Condors involved multiple horizontal bids with no blocks and a goal by the Tunas, but a standing O by the crowd. Other finals game standouts were Aengus, Davey, Mikey, Timba, Chris Phelps (boston/ny ringer), Muddy, the other cool Butler!, everyone. Condors ate and enjoyed tuna-fish regularly!

Don't y'all know I started in Atlanta where a good, strong cut smokes the other players point where their bones come together :) (aka joint) ... allot of time here while it rains

RickyDude Martz (84-93)

From: Chris Van Holmes <cvh@cbr.washington.edu>
Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2000

I played against the Condors all the time, as I was at Nationals 78, 79, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 95, 96 (masters), 97 & 2000 (masters).

My most memorable game was against them in 1987 with Windy City in pool play. We had both lost to NYNY, and we were playing for the 2nd semis spot from our pool and the right to play Titanic. Condors were up by a few late in the game and it started to sprinkle. Mike O'Dowd and I lit it up and tied the game (I thought). But the vultures were hovering and worked it easily upwind to the goal line. We were pretty much out of it as the thrower, Chris Rojo, spied an open cutter and sent up a crossfield hammer for what should have been an easy upwind goal. But the wet came into play and the disc slipped on the release. No mighty raptor, but a quail. We gobbled it up and after a few handling cuts between me & O'Dowd, I saw the whole right side of the field open up. It was one of those magical moments when there is nothing but you and the disc. I cut deep and caught a sick knifing forehand huck from O'Dowd on a full sprint. As I came to a stop, my team rushed the field in victory. I was stunned as I was under the impression that we had just tied the game. We used a lot of magic on that victory and then even more against Titanic in a great game to the cap (then 25). So although NY handled us in the finals, to make up for the previous years spanking we gave them, I consider it to be a very special tourney for Windy City.

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