1979 Condors
National Runner-Up

1979 SB Classic or SB Open

Far Back Row (standing):
Larry Leveille / Steve Rieck / TK / Bill Clark / Mike Broughton (beard) / Tom Shepherd / Paul Hooston / Tom Cleworth / Sean ???? / Cliff Towne (hat)

Middle Row (standing):
Bart Merrill / Michael Mininni / Chaud Richards / Brian Humphrey (head scarf) / Jeff Soto / Kip Harmer (pack) / Cliff Marhoefer / Steve Fisher

Front Row (kneeling):
Chris Vaughan / Greg Sharp / Craig Carlisle / John Schmechel / Bruce Gale / John Olcott

Other 1979 Condors Pictures (and Nationals write-up)

1979 Nationals Article

This was the year that we lost to Glassboro in the finals at State College, PA. It was unfortunate that we had not yet worked out a good offense against a zone defense at that point. We had one part of it down (swinging the disc - we called it "umbrella offense") but had not yet figured out how valuable a dump pass was and how to use a popper to beat the cup. In our defense....(if memory serves) we only lost by a point and the weather was PERFECT for a zone - cold, windy and WET!

by Cliff Towne

This was the time frame when TK helped support the growing intramural Ultimate efforts in Santa Barbara. He would participate with the new teams and instruct them on the fine art of Ultimate. He developed the intramural teams into a 'farm club' for the Condors.

1979 Roster:
Broughton, Michael 'Snuffy'
Carlisle, Craig
Clark, Bill
Cleworth, Tom
Fisher, Steve
Harmer, Kip
Hooston, Paul
Humphrey, Brian
Kennedy, Tom 'TK' [Captain]
Leveille, Larry
Marhoefer, Cliff 'Poodlehead'
Merrill, Bart
Mininni, Michael 'Meanie'
Olcott,, Johnny 'Sky'
Richards, Chaud
Rieck, Steve 'Leak'
Schmechel, John
Sharp, Greg 'Greggo'
Shepherd, Tom
Towne, Cliff
Vaughan, Chris

1979 Non-Traveling Players:
Gale, Bruce
Hodgeson, Andy

Each year, when the Nationals were not in sight, we had 25-30 top quality players traveling to each tournament - we would break up into two teams and frequently ended up playing each other for the championship of these tournaments. As the Regionals and Nationals approached, we would then go through a series of major tryouts. Those players who did not make the Condors National squad ended up on the Santa Barbara SeaWolves (named after Jeff Hirsch's dog) and we would go to the Regionals, win a couple games, but never qualify for the Nationals.

The Ducks (Saturdays at SB High School) consisted of players just out for a good time, playing good quality Ultimate, but not going to tournaments, and not really caring who won.

Mike "Snuffy" Broughton
Penn State Ultimate '76-'78
Cleveland Frisbee Club (founder) '76-'77
Santa Barbara Condors, Ducks, SeaWolves '78-'83
Santa Barbara Lady Condors (coach) '80-'83
anterior cruciate victim '83-present

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