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Hello to all Ultimate frisbee parents, family and friends. My name is Joe Seidler, and I am the father of an Ultimate player. My son began playing Ultimate in college in 1992 and now plays in the club league (sort of like a semi-pro league - only there are no salaries involved). I have attended over 40 tournaments which adds up to over 200 games. I created this web site to give parents and family information about Ultimate. Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the sport and want to learn more so you can converse with your son or daughter player. Or maybe you are considering going to a tournament and want to know what to expect; if so, click here for an intro-to-tournaments. I will try to help with these topics and more on this web page.

Perhaps the most important point I can make is that Ultimate is played aggressively, and your child takes it seriously. He or she probably puts a great deal of time into training and attending tournaments. It is every bit as competitive as soccer, football, basketball, etc. Only better... you get to be on the sidelines with them. And by the way, they don't use the term frisbee. It's called a disc and the sport is just called Ultimate.

There are 3 primary divisions in the USA Ultimate (previously the UPA). The Juniors (high school), College, and Club divisions. Juniors and College have both Open and Womens teams. The Club division includes Open, Womens, Mixed (coed) and Masters (must be over 32). In 2006 there were over 21,000 UPA members, but that doesn't include the probably over 45,000 local league players around the country. Each division holds their own annual Championship Series leading up to their National Championship tournament.

Ultimate is a great way to spend time with your son or daughter. Click here to read my story
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Here's our Santa Barbara Condors crew at 2000 Club Nationals.
We flew to Florida from California, Oregon and Iowa...
and it was well worth it.