2002 Condors Tournaments
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Labor Day West
U.C. Santa Cruz
Aug. 31 - Sept. 1, 2002



vs NO TOWN ........ 15-6
vs Jam .................... 9-15
vs Axe (Portland) .... 12-15

vs Sockeye ............. 16-14 (quarterfinals)
vs Jam ................... 15-11 (semifinals)
vs Furious George .. 11-15 (finals)

Cal State Pomona, CA
Sept. 21, 2002

[recap compliments of Bill Burfeind]
The weather was in the mid-ninties with a slight breeze to clear out some of the bad air. However by the middle of the final game most players were feeling the effect of the smog in their lungs.

Taro Ramberg was still taking it easy on his hamstring problem and did not play today. Tommy Burfeind rolled his ankle during the warm ups before the first game and sat out the entire day. Yes, my son came down wrong while Brandon Steets was leading Jumping Jacks. I don't know which was worse, the ankle or all the ribbing he was taking.

The first two games were pool play and were nothing much more than easy warm ups for the Condors. They beat "Zoners" from Burbank 13 - 2 in about 40 minutes. Then did the same beating "Penultimate" the local team from Pomona again by 13 - 2 and again in less than an hour. They had a bye in the next time slot having a good long break to rest and get some lunch.

At 2:00pm the Condors played "Smoke" from LA. Smoke was a default team getting into the semifinals as this Section sends 4 teams on to Colorado Springs for the Regionals, and the team that had beat Smoke in pool play dropped out as they will not be able to get enough players to go to Colorado. Even though this was the 2nd place team from the C pool, they put up a fight early. They scored first giving the Condors a wake up call. But the Condors responded taking it to half at 7 - 2. To get there they had some great zone defense and some super individual D by Cory Sanford, Mike Namkung and Mario Viani. On offense they got points at both ends of the field with well placed hucks by: James Studarus to Brandon Steets; Greg Husak to Adam Glimme; and Cory Sanford to Greg. In the second half the Condors continued to roll up the score and the Smoke kind of faded away in the breeze. The final score was 13 - 2. More great D and more superior passing from: James to Mike Namkung; Jason Seidler to James Studarus; and a final hammer to Scott Johnston (a recent add to the Condors who came from Jam) in the back of the end zone for the final point.

The finals were against "PBR Streetgang" the #2 seed from San Diego. They had played a tougher semifinal and came to the Condor's field with only a short rest break. PBR tried to score quickly with long hucks with the wind but sent both the first two long causing them to use up both energy and motivation. The Condors went up 3 - 0 before PBR finally scored. At 4 - 1, the Condors got a great D from Nick Fiske and after a few passes, James let go a huck into the wind with Brandon Steets well ahead of his defender. But the wind caught it and both went high, Brandon tipping the disc but could not get the catch. Then from no where, kind of like Frano Harris in the Steeler's championship game, here came Adam Glimme to pluck the disc just above the ground. He made a quick toss into the end zone and it was 5 - 1. Next both teams traded goals and the Condors took it to half at 7 - 3 with a very tight catch by JD Lobue Jr. right at the front corner of the end zone.

After the break, the Condors scored on their first possession with the wind to make it 8 - 3, and it looked like the game would soon be theirs. However, San Diego caught their second wind and scored two quick points making it 8 - 5. The next point took almost 10 minutes with 4 turnovers against each team. Great D on both sides but two special high catch take aways for the Condors, one by Brandon Steets and the other by Andy Crews. The Condors finally scored with Greg Husak catching the disc high and at the very back of the end zone to make it 9 - 5. From there, the Condors got back the momentum and took it to 11 - 5. Again, PBR fought back and took it to 12 - 7. The Condors had the disc going into the breeze for the win, the huck to Cory Sanford flattened and his defender took it away over his head. Cory was not to be denied and two throws later he laid out to knock the disc to the ground about 15 yards from the PBR goal line. Then a quick toss to Steve Dugan who hit Brandon Steets for the win, 13 - 7.

Condors are the Section Champions with their next stop the Colorado Springs Regionals October 5-6.

Colorado Springs, CO
Oct. 5-6, 2002

SW Regional Champions
The Condors are going to Nationals!


vs CU Mamabird ....................... 15-7
vs Colorado Springs team ........... 15-1
vs L.A. Traffic ........................... 15-3
vs U. New Mexico Hanta Virus .. 15-8 (quarterfinals)

The weather was sunny and cold with very gusty winds.
Taro was back at full strength.
Tommy recovered from his sprain at Sectionals and played.
Taylor sprained his ankle and sat out the rest of the day (but he was back on Sunday).

vs San Diego PBR Streetgang ..... 15-9 (semifinals)
vs Boulder Johnny Bravo ............ 15-11 (finals)

Dugan's Top 10:
10. Our efficient O to start both the semis and the finals (hourglass!)
9. Brandon's upwind flick to Blake in the final
8. JD's grab of Taro's spot on blade
7. Brandon's skying grab to end the hell point
6. Taylor's SKY
5. Greg's block on the downwind huck
4. Nick flying down on game point causing the errant throw leading to the block
3. Nation's layout block in the upwind goal (only 10 left)
2. Andy and Taro are back!
and the top memory from Regionals...
1- Badonkadonk Bu-Ya! Badonkadonk Bu-Ya! Badonkadonk Shot - Lime - Bu-Ya!