2002 Condors Tournaments
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World Ultimate Club Championships
Honolulu, HI -- Aug. 4-10, 2002

Teams Played by Condors:
[team photos compliments of Phil Studarus (except where noted)
and team comments by Greg Husak]
-scroll down to see stats from finals-

vs GLU

vs Flying Angels

Flying Angels were strong. They had some amazing left-handed bombs that just missed the target; had those connected they would have given us a much closer game.

vs Yanomami

Venenzuela seems to be building, along with some help from Florida guys. They play a very physical game, and like to yell from the sidelines a lot, but they sure know how to party afterwards.

vs Sockeye

Sockeye proved to be a team on the rise. They are, as always, a hard running bunch, but appeared to have lost some talent due to injuries over the course of the week. A few untimely mistakes for them played pivotal roles in our games.

vs New York

[photo compliments of New York]

New York showed their usual grit and played some tough defense. After watching them play Skogshyddan tight, I was sure we were going to have our hands full. They put up a good fight against us, making us work hard against their zone, and showing their strong man defense as well. They struggled a bit on offense and we were able to take advantage.

vs Liquidisc

[photo compliments of Teemu Olvio on Liquidisc]

The most surprising game of the week may have been Liquidisc. After watching them in the finals at Scotland, we were expecting a very tough game. Unfortunately they weren't able to bring their top squad, and the group they did have were beat from the long week; and they were unable to put up much of a fight.

vs Clapham Ultimate
Great Britain

Clapham was a real surprise to me. After finishing behind Portland and Electric Pig in their initial pool, I wasn't expecting too much. They are an athletic team that can really give a defense headaches as they run hard and break the mark easily. They seem to adapt to opponents well and I'd expect to hear more from them in the coming years.

vs Sub-Zero

[photo compliments of Sub-Zero]

Sub-Zero also had a great tourney. Their offense is as good as any around, and they had us on the ropes before some hard Condor defense and timely Sub-Zero offensive miscues allowed us to pull it out. They are a team that is not afraid to put it, and their receivers are not afraid to haul down the hucks. They were, in my estimation, the most athletic team we faced.

vs King Brown

King Brown again proved to be an enjoyable opponent. They have a lot of fun while playing the game, and are not afraid to joke during games with their opponents. They seemed a bit depleted by injury and were quite tired by the time we played them, but they played hard and well in making us work for every goal. Also, their tarot card reading after our game predicted our world championship.

vs Electric Pig
USA/Washington, DC

Electric Pig look to have a nice mix of experienced vets and youthful athleticism. They started off poorly against us, and we were able to take advantage of some of the mistakes; but then they tightened up the ship a bit and we traded for the second 2/3 of the game. More time together should see them get stronger and stronger.

vs Sockeye

vs Death or Glory (DoG)

[note: someday I'm going to get a combined picture of the Condors and DoG]

Scoring in Finals
Condors vs DoG
1st Half:
2nd Half:

Offensive Stats from Finals
Throws for Scores:
Catches for Scores:
Steve Dugan - 4
Jason Seidler - 4
James Studarus - 3
Greg Husak - 2
Ted Savage - 1

Steve Dugan - 3
JD Lobue Jr - 2
Ted Savage - 1
Greg Husak - 1
Jimmy Price - 1
Corey Sanford - 1
Taylor Cascino - 1
James Studarus - 1
Brandon Steets - 1
Tommy Burfeind - 1
Shepherd Frankel - 1

Defensive Stats from Finals
(incomplete and unofficial)
Dan Dewey - 2
Greg Husak - 1
Steve Dugan - 1
Jason Seidler - 1
Corey Sanford - 1
Blake Garnand - 1

Turnover Stats from Finals
(incomplete and unofficial)
James Studarus - 4
Steve Dugan - 2
JD Lobue - 1
Greg Husak - 1
Ted Savage - 1
Jimmy Price - 1
Jason Seidler - 1
Tommy Burfeind - 1
Determining a turnover can sometimes be a tough call.
When it was close whether the turn should go to the thrower or receiver,
I gave the turn to the thrower.

Original Seedings of All Open Teams:

Waipio Soccer Park
(next to Pearl Harbor)

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