Condors women 2002

Lady Condors finish 5th at Nationals !
(scroll down for Nationals info)

The Condor women placed 11th at the World Championships
(after being initially seeded #22)
August 4-10 in Honolulu

Top Row:
Rachel Noble, Jill Van Wie, Stacey Koff, Mieke Strand, Hannah Thompson, Wendy Finn,
Jenny Hanscom, Elisa Dover, Katie Mares, Jenn Caselle

Middle Row:
Monika Petroczy, Valerie MacKenzie, Sharon Hill, Gloria Ibarra, Rachel Baldwin, Susan Schofer

Bottom Row:
Robin Hamilton, Margaret Thomas, Jessica Hellyer, Deganit Shechter, Tori St. Clair

Lying: Andrea Kelly

Not at Worlds: Fi Johnson

William (Jen's dog) has been at almost every Condors practice since 1996...
he is part of the team and is responsible for many holes on Storke field.

At practice in SB.this Summer.
Fi's daughter, Olivia, (in the foreground) is the littlest Condor

Lady Condors at Regionals in Colorado

UPA Club Nationals
Sarasota, FL - Polo Club
Oct. 24-27, 2002

1. Lady Godiva (Boston) 1. Lady Godiva (Boston)
2. Riot (Seattle) 2. Fury (San Francisco)
3. Fury (San Francisco) 3/4. Riot (Seattle)
4. Ozone (Atlanta) 3/4. Ozone (Atlanta)
5. Rare Air (Boulder) 5. Lady Condors (Santa Barbara)
6. Schwa (Portland) 6. Nemesis II (Chicago)
7. Backhoe 7. Schwa (Portland)
8. Lady Condors (Santa Barbara) 8. Rare Air (Boulder)
9. Nemesis II (Chicago) 9. Fuse (Ottawa)
10. Safari (San Diego) 10. Backhoe
11. Fuse (Ottawa) 11. Safari (San Diego)
12. Buttercup (Austin) 12. BNOGO (Washington, DC)
13. BNOGO (Washington, DC) 13. Pounce (Pittsburgh)
14. Pounce (Pittsburgh) 14. Bait (Minneapolis)
15. Bait (Minneapolis) 15. Clutch (Ann Arbor)
16. Clutch (Ann Arbor) 16. Buttercup (Austin)

Lady Condors Game Scores:

vs. Clutch 15-9 W
vs. Nemisis II 11-15 L
vs. Godiva 5-15 L

vs. Buttercup 15-6 W
vs. Bnogo 15-13 W
vs. Backhoe 15-9 W

vs. Godiva 9-15 L
vs. Schwa 14-9 W
vs. Nemisis II 11-8 W

Nationals Cheers:

"ball to the walls
tits to the grass
come on condors
kick some ass!"

also Katie Mares':
"Who are we?!!
The Condors!
Who are we?!!
The Condors!
Who's getting the D?!!!!
I am!!
Who's getting the D?!!!!
I am!!! "
"Ca Caaaawwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

It was very fitting that Katie caught the very last goal of the tournement because she says she's retiring.

Comments by Monika:
This is the first time we have beaten Portland Schwa. Having avenged our loss to Nemesis, we only lost to Godiva at Nationals... and we scored 9 points on them, more than our competition, more than Ozone did (6). We also came in first in our region: Rare Air placed 8th, Safari 11th. This is the best showing of our team at Nationals since the Lady Condors reformed in the mid '90s after the hiatus.

Jessica Hellyer's Dad and Grandma
who have come to 2001 and 2002 Nationals and 2001 Tune up in Chicago
to watch Jessica play. They are our greatest fans...
they cheer, feed, hydrate, sometimes shelter and hug us.

Click here to see Monika's web site of pictures