Condors women 1996

Las Vegas, NV
Back Row (L-R):
Deanna Kelly / Monika Petroczy / Jenny Hanscom / Andrea Kelly / Elisa Dover / Trish Guilfoyle / Tracy Fidell / Liz Stolz / Lizzy Marino

Middle Row (L-R):
Rebecca Doyle / Tori St. Clair / Danielle Zacherl / Nicole Munkwitz / Jenn Caselle / Alicia D'Anna / Kimo Meehan

Front (sitting):
Becky Seifert

Comments by Monika Petroczy:
In the spring of '96 Becky told me that the Condors team was getting together again and that this was a very big deal. All sorts of experienced '80s players came out of the wood work for these practices. I didn't have a clue then that this was some sort of national championship team (the web wasnt big yet); I was just trying not to get cut... actually the Condors have never cut anybody. They just reward good players with more or less play time at tournements. We had an unprecedented huge team that year which proved to be good by the end because we lost Rachel Noble due to her family loss, Rachel Baldwin at nationals due to tough exams, Deg at nationals because of family obligations, Jill broke her hand laying it out on D at regionals in Colorado Springs against Rare Air, Gloria at nationals in a hotly contested Bnogo game with a severe ankle sprain, and Stacy 'sledgehammer' Koff with a broken scapula after catching a goal during our Schwa game at nationals. A Schwa player layed out for a D play on her catch which resulted in her knee hitting Stacy's back with the force of what doctors described as a 'sledgehammer' after her solid catch. The Schwa player was seen on the sidelines with a bag of ice on her knee, cleats off . We won that game and the last one too with our deeper bigger team than previous years.