Condors women 1982

The 1982 and 1983 teams had a huge roster of 22 to 23. Snuffy was our coach then - lots of funny stories but probably not printable, especially since most of us are parents now. Of course, Michelle, Sandy, Joannie started in 1983 and were a part of the team. Ivar made a terrific photo album for my 37th birthday from 1981 on; this also includes a letter from the dear ole Gipper, Pres. Reagan himself, acknowledging our dedication and hard work. Julie Hirsch's (ex-husband's last name) dad was fairly connected in the Republican party; hence the nice letter. He and his wife came to Colchester with us - they were our benefactors. Joannie always had her camera; she always had the best pictures. I actually have a list of all our championships from 1982 on. When we return home, I'll send it to you.

Cathy Lamoureux (Reimanis)
Feb. 2002