Condor Profile

Andy Crews

Years on team =
1993-1995 & 1997-2003
Born =
Height =
5' 8"
Colleges =
Cal Tech
Graduate school: UCSB
Degrees =
BS Electrical Engineering
MS Computer Engineering
Occupation =
Software Engineer
Birthplace =
Fayetteville, NC
Living in =
Sunnyvale, CA
Marital status =
Titles won = '96 - College Nat'l. Champion
'00 - Club Nat'l. Champion
'01 - Club Nat'l. Champion
'02 - Club World Champion

Favorite Type of Play:
When its working well, playing point in the zone (one of the markers) is one of my favorites. The challenge is making adjustments to the offense on the fly, such that we force the offense to play to our strengths. The point plays a huge role in forcing the offense to do what we want them to do. Zone defense is very rewarding when it is done well, because it requires everybody on the field to know their responsibilities and work together.

Reason for playing ultimate:
When I started playing, it was a lot about those individual moments of glory that happen at pick-up games or wherever, when somebody would say "Wow that was fantastic!" I think that now, I play because I enjoy the feeling of working as part of a team, at a high level, for a common goal.

When and where started playing ultimate:
Intermurals at Caltech, my sophomore year. Well, actually, we played in junior high at lunch time, but I'm not sure that we even knew the rules back then.

Lessons learned playing ultimate:
Time management is a big one. During the time that I practiced 5 days a week, 3 hours a day and was in school, I had to make pretty good use of my time. Also, my organizational skills, have grown a lot.

Was captain of Condors 1997-2002 and voluntarily stepped down to focus on playing.