Condors Founder

Tom 'TK' Kennedy

Years on team =
Born =
Height =
6' 1"
Occupation =
Small business owner-
precision machining
Birthplace =
Minneapolis, MN
Living in =
Santa Barbara, CA
Marital status =

Favorite Type of Play:
I always enjoyed catching and throwing long deep passes. I think I most enjoyed running other players to the point where they went out for a sub.

Reason for playing ultimate:
I became addicted.
Serious player of games - love competetion.

When and where started playing ultimate:
Santa Barbara 1974

Lessons learned playing ultimate:

Personal comment:
Maintaining spirit and attitude while still going all out is a difficult challenge worth taking.

Founder of Condors in 1974.

TK played on 3 National Championship teams:
1977, 1978 and 1981