2001 Burning Skirts

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Partial Team Picture

Back Row:
Lauryl, Corina, Hannah, Megan, Olivia, Caitlin, Marion, Gloria
(plus Corina's little brother and sister)

Taylor, Drea, Tracy

Front Row:
Anne, Erinn, Karen, Jenna, Christina, Lara

2001 Roster:
Joelle "Donuts" Anderson
Jenna Baum
Tracy "Double Double" Dott (Co-Captain)
Erinn Hale
Lara "Gumby" Hale
Jessica "Hell Yeah" Hellyer
Gloria "Kamikaze" Ibarra
Corina "Mad Dog" Luckenbach
Megan "M-dog" Martinez
Anne "The Blade" Mecham (Co-Captian)
Arin "Big A" Oliver
Lauryl Tognazzini
Christina "No Ass" Vermillion
Taylor Fry (Rookie)
Olivia Gleser (Rookie)
Karen Ko (Rookie)
Drea Rosas (Rookie)
Jen Smith (Rookie)
Beth Ford (Advisor)

Tuesday/Thursday 6-9pm, Rob field
Saturday/Sunday 10am-1pm, Storke field

Santa Barbara Tournament
Jan. 20-21, 2001

We played well in our home tournament. On Saturday we played a tough game against Stanford, much closer than last year. We beat Claremont, and then had a big (close) win against Davis. The afternoon ended with a win against UC San Diego B. Sunday we came out strong and beat UC Santa Cruz in the quaterfinals, which was a personal victory as well, because they beat us Saturday evening in the exhibition game. We then lost to UC San Diego A in the Semifinals, a tough game, in which our exhaustion got the better of us. UC San Diego A advanced to the finals where they beat Stanford.
Anne Mecham

[pictures compliments of Anne Mecham]

Joelle "Donuts" Anderson & Corina "Mad Dog" Luckenbach

Anne "The Blade" Mecham & Corina "Mad Dog" Luckenbach

President's Day Tournament
U.C. San Diego
February 17-19, 2001

Watching Exhibition Game from the Stands
[photos compliments of Anne Mecham]

Caitilin Daum / Taylor Fry / Karen Ko

Far Left:
Lara Hale

Back Row:
Megan Martinez / Caitilin Daum / Taylor Fry / Karen Ko

Middle Row:
Arin Oliver / Jessica Helleyer / Christina Vermillion / Jen Smith

Front Row:
Drea Rosas / Hannah Thompson / Gloria Ibarra