2000 Burning Skirts

Anne "The Blade" Mecham
Arin "Big A" Oliver
Christina "No-Ass" Vermillion
Corina "Mad Dog" Luckenbach (co-captain)
Gloria "Kamikaze" Ibarra
Hannah "Willy" Thompson
Jenna "Da Baum" Baum
Jessica "Hell Yeah" Hellyer
Kyla "The Killer" Krengel
Larisa "Gumby" Hale (co-captain)
Lauryl "M.D." Tognazzini
Lisa "Eel" Kiehl
Marion "The Mouth" Volpert
Nichelle "Tigger" Wood
Paige "Georgie Girl" Franklin
Talin "Trooper" Khachaturian
Theresa "Looper" Loupe
Tracy "Double-Double" Dott
Yumi "Houdini" Kida
Beth "Coach" Ford (coach -- not a player)

[pictures compliments of Lara Hale]

Santa Barbara Tournament, Jan. 22-23

Jenna Baum on D against UCSD
Lara Hale models the Skirts2000 spring line of sportswear
Tracy Dott eyeballs the disc

Kyla Krengel looking fierce on D
Lara, Corina, Kyla, Nichelle, Lisa, Tracy, Anne
the Mad Dog winds up

Stanford Invite, March 4-5

Gloria Ibarra shuts down her woman
Lisa Kiehl on D

Regionals, May 6-7

The last game of the day was UCSD-UCSB, with the sidelines packed with fans. UCSD had 4 teams total (men's and women's A and B) and Barbara had 3 (men's A and B and women's). Plus a healthy crowd of Colorado hangers-around makes for quite a sideline. All I can say is 'wow'. Hot game. Final score 15-14 San Diego. Barbara played some sort of junky D most of the game. Diego couldn't seem to find the holes, and swung the disc back and forth for hours before finding a big look. Several Diego players dropped due to injury, including the scary scene of one player attempting to walk off the field before collapsing, almost unconcious. She was attended by an EMT but still couldn't stand up half an hour later. I hope she's doing OK.

Congrats on a great game Skirts!