1988 Burning Skirts

National Champions

This was the first year using the name Burning Skirts.
Gayle came up with the Skirts portion of the name; she was always referring to women as "skirts."

top row:
Andrea Kelly / Trish Guilfoyle / Bob Guilfoyle / Gayle Pellicano / Liz Stolz

second row:
Pattie Montgomery / Cathy Lamoureux (Reimanis) / Marriane Setter (Kruidenier) / Wendy Finn

From left:
Liz Stolz / Jackie Watson (Pierce) / Pattie Montgomery / Andrea Kelly /
Cathy Lamoureux (Reimanis) / Marianne Setter / Kimo Meehan

[Photo courtesy of Gayle Pellicano]

Gayle Pellicano / Wendy Finn / Jackie Watson (Pierce) / Marianne Setter (Kruidenier)

Pattie Montgomery / Andrea Kelly / Tricia Meyer (Guilfoyle)

Recap of end of finals at '88 Nationals by Cathy Lamoureux (Reimanis):

Cindy 'Stan' Alaimo's upwind diving catch of a hammer thrown by Jackie during the finals at 1988 collegiate nationals won the game - the wind was tenacious and without mercy, especially in the stadium; and that catch clinched the game against Davis. Everyone ran onto the field (Skirts, Black Tide and other S.B. club players) when we won, and I remember saying to myself, "Get off the field, we're not finished; the game's not over." Stan's critical catch was the only upwind score of the game; thus it felt like the winning point, but it actually allowed us to change the momentum of the game. I think we played a few more points after that score (but I'm not entirely sure how many.) We kept trading points with the Davis Cats, and then the time limit kicked in - thus it wasn't a game to 18 or 11 or whatever it was determined to be. It was very doubtful either team would make the final points to win; the wind was fierce and equalized the playing field. Our opponents were fellow women we respected and knew on a first name basis from previous college and club tournaments. We were playing quality Ultimate on a level that was surreal and void of time. Thus, when the time limit did indeed expire, I kept thinking to myself the game wasn't over - it couldn't be over. This game wasn't about time, it was about endurance and giving all that we had to persevere. The 1988 Women's Collegiate championship final was pure exhaustion, and it felt like a well-earned, marathon of a win - what championships, hard work and determination are all about!

And some memories from Pattie Montgomery:

I remember the game very well. Everything Cathy said is 100% accurate. It was the windiest day and the stadium caused it to swirl and take very wierd turns. So not only was it up wind, down wind, it was swirling around wind. We ended up starting the game going up wind so were always down in the count when trading points. Since the game was capped (don't get me started) becuase of the Mens final to follow, we were going to lose because of the flip. It was a couple points from the cap, and we were on the line going up wind. Wendy Finn (think?) was on the sideline yelling "Put in Stan, she wants to play." We all looked at each other because none of us wanted to go out, it was such a critcal upwind point. Finally I said I would go out for Stan to come in. The rest is history. She caught the diving goal upwind, and we won the game. That is the highlight of my career. Leaving the field for someone, who won us the game. I love ultimate!!!