1985 U.C.S.B. Women's Team

[Note: The name Burning Skirts was not used until 1988]

Comments from Liz (Stolz) Allen:

This was the first year for UCSB women's Ultimate (84-85 season), and the name changed with every tournament, from No Food in the Library (thanks to T&A) to Kunaouichi (sp?). We also used the name "Flying Nuns" our very first years, and we did so poorly, we often changed that name to "Flying Nones." The very first tournament we ever played in was at UC Davis in either 85 or 86.

I actually started the team in the Fall of 1984, as a Freshman. I'm not sure if we played many (if any) tournaments that first year. I spent most of my time, recruiting, coaching and fundraising. I used to play Ultimate in high school; and when I came to UCSB there wasn't a collegiate women's team, so I started one! So, I guess you could call me the grandmother of sorts of the Skirts!

Who was T&A on the 1985 UCSB women's Ultimate team?
(Does anyone have a picture of T&A earning the nickname? I understand it's banned in Boston.)