How the Beyondors Got Started

The Beyondors Name

John Schmechel, @ a party in early 1984, was talking about how old we were all getting & how we were over the hill - were "Beyond" being over the hill, we were now the Beyondors. The irony of the whole situation is that Schmech never got to play under that name. We used it for only one tournament, then moved on to the next name for the next tournament. At some later date Doug 'the bum' Saulter resurrected the name for the "Masters" tournaments which he of course won. We also won our tournament in 1984 using that name.

Bart Merrill

The Masters team borrowed the name from teams that played in one or more tournaments starting in 1984. None of the earlier teams were Masters teams and all the tournaments (certainly Arizona in 1984, which we won, maybe Solstice in the same year, which we also won) were not involved with the Nationals series. I played on the original Arizona team in 1984. Bart Merrill, Bob Austin, Dale Kimbal, Sean Greening and BOD certainly all played. We regularly invented new names for tournaments, especially when the Condors split into two teams (e.g. "The Bozemans" and "The Better than the Bozemans" at one tournament.) We almost never recycled a name - perhaps "Beyondors" was the first time. I remember the Arizona tournament well because it was Marty Crowe's first tournament and he was a terror; Bart would remember it for the same reason, and too because he and Marhoeffer were caught in a car with Schradermeier who would drive no faster than 55 MPH.

I suspect a few of the people on the first Masters team remembered the name from these earlier tournaments (BOD played on the Arizona team and the Masters team) and the success we had at those tournaments, and so used it for their Masters team. It certainly is an appropriate name for the Masters team. We were using it in the same way in 1984: we had just finished the '83 Nationals, losing to San Diego in the semifinals, and we were taking an extremely small team with several new players that hadn't made the Condors yet to Arizona which would have a full strength San Diego team. I think the idea was that our team would go "beyond" the '83 Condors with the help of our new players.

Jim 'JK' Kruidenier

The First Masters Division Team

The (Masters Division) Beyondors were formed in 1993. Ricky Dude called me and said he and Doug the Bum had been talking about putting a masters team together for Nationals 1993. I told him I was interested and we began talking about possibilities for our roster. Our goal was to have primarily Condors on the team but we also realized that there were other vets out there who would love to play with us and we with them. Since we now lived in different cities, we decided that we would each be responsible for contacting the local players we wanted to recruit. Obviously practices were out of the question, but we did manage to get part of the team together for one scrimmage down in LA. The regional tournament in San Diego was our first chance to play together and we prevailed in the finals over a very competitive team from LA to win the bid. RD commissioned Pete Gately to make us some wicked shirts and we were on our way to Nationals in San Antonio. We started off our first game in typical Condors fashion, Ted showed up late and we were sluggish, playing just well enough to win. We ended the first day with a loss to our long time rivals from the Bay Area, Tampico at the cap. The second day we began to play better and swept all three of our games putting us in the semi's. The third day found us having to play back to back games against the Texas Los Airmanos, in our final pool game and the semi's. Although the final pool game did not matter to either team, we decided to set the tone for the semi's and played to win. We won both games and advanced to the finals where we would face the Miami Refugees who defeated the Bay Area team, for the second time in the tournament, in the other semi's. In the finals, we came out hot and Miami was flat. We capitalized on several turnovers and built up a big lead. After trading goals for awhile, they started to close the gap late, but we made some big plays and finished them off to take the title.

"In short, great teammates, great attitudes, great playing, and great shirts made for a great experience."

Keay Nakae

Doug "The Bum" Saulter
Irwin Melnick
Tim "The Legend" Maloney
Chris "Wheels" Pickering (??)
Bill Mallory (??)
Mike Butler

Santa Barbara
Rick "RD" Martz
Tim "Timba" O'Donnell
Brian "BOD" O'Donnell
Bob "Bobo" Austin (Regionals only)
Ted "Ted" Roach
Mark Liccattta

Keay Nakae
Rich "Gags" Gallager
Jeff "Harsh" Hisrch
Brian Herman
Mark "Muddy" Orders
Cole Williamson
Sean "Sean Daddy" Greening
Marty "Marty Dude" Crowe
Dave Molinar
Tim Rand ( Regionals only)